Kid's Corner
Great Kids Afternoon Snack

When the kids get home from school or
anytime they want a treat try this snack: 

Take 1/4 cup of each:

Frozen Organic Strawberries (Trader Joe's)
Frozen Organic Raspberries (Trader Joe's)
Frozen Cherries (Trader Joe's) 
Add juice from one fresh lemon
Add filtered water to cover fruit
Add 6-8 drops Sweet Leaf Stevia Liquid
Add 1 Scoop Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder
Blend on high till smooth.
(Bullet Blender Works Great)
Available at Cosco or Online.
BlendTec Blenders are a great product as well.  They are more of a whole food processor.

This is a great way to increase whole fruit
consumption in our children.